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Video Distribution for Powerful OTT Lean Back Experiences on all Platforms. Join us!
Video Tech for All Distribution Needs

Video Tech for All Distribution Needs

Distribute video better with our off-the-shelf OTT connectors, OVP and CMS.

Build a Monetized OTT Video Network

Build a Monetized OTT Video Network

Use our versatile platform to scale your video with total transparency and brand safety from all video sources to all Digital and OTT Platforms.

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The Most Sophisticated Way to Distribute Video

With groundbreaking transparency and control, Vemba is the easiest way to get your video content where you need it. Access revenue opportunities by building your own network and distributing anywhere. You can utilize our full suite of video technologies. Or, if you’d like, we easily work in concert with your current player, attribution, viewability, ad server, and digital rights management rules.

Any Player
Video Analytics
Utilize any SSP or DSP (Vemba’s tech is agnostic!) Don’t have monetization? We work closely with our investor, Spotx, to deliver results
Build out a monetized, whitelisted private video network with complete control over advertising and transparency over analytics and websites
Fully Integrate your existing technologies with our white label system to deliver a true branded experience
Host, transcode, and stream your video through our sophisticated video infrastructure and OVP offering
Share your video library across your network with our video CMS. With a sleek look and innovative permissioning, Vemba’s CMS is easily adaptable for monetized distribution
Access full analytics, video playlist channeling, and more through distinct, well-documented APIs
Integrate your existing Online Video Player, your comscore, MOAT, or Grapeshot. We offer easy custom work for any technical connection you might need
Use your player, your partners’ player, or our player to distribute video to your network and your partner sites
Easily transport feeds into and out of systems. With Vemba, you can connect anywhere
Need a feature you do not see here? Our talented technical team is always working at the cutting edge of video, and we’d be excited to customize our platform for you
Access normalized analytics across different platforms, and achieve true transparency on your performance
Distribute your video to any OTT platform. If we don’t offer feed generation off the shelf, we can quickly build a custom feed for you

“Vemba has really simplified our video distribution — taking what was a very manual and cumbersome process and helped us build a sustainable business. And the Vemba Services team has really helped manage our distribution network in the onboarding and uptake of the tool.”

— Alex Register,
Partner Development Manager of Vice Media
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is Hiring!

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