The Vemba Platform

Publishers need video. Producers need an audience. Vemba is a smart video exchange and management platform. We make it easy for buyers and sellers of digital content to monetize premium content across all platforms.

Video Producers

Enterprise management platform for transparent video distribution and monetization

Video Publishers

Premium video marketplace and centralized content discovery engine


Content Marketers

Native branded video distribution platform with built-in audience matching

What Sets Us Apart

A smarter, more transparent management and distribution platform for premium video

A flexible management platform that supports multiple ingestion, distribution, player, branding and acquisition models

Sophisticated content discovery tools to help editors find the most relevant and engaging content specific to their audience

Deep analytic capability and real-time performance management reporting for producers, publishers and brands

Video Producers

A comprehensive platform for ingesting, distributing and monetizing video

  • Control over how & where content is distributed
  • Revenue share, paid, licensed and purchased content distribution capability
  • Optimization tools to determine what content will drive the highest engagement and deliver the highest returns across our publisher networks

Controlled audience extension and content syndication

  • Whitelabel and public distribution options
  • Player management, rules and permissions
  • Brand specifications
  • Full attribution

Video Publishers

Centralized content sourcing and video management platform

  • Manage owned content, intra-publication syndication and public content syndication
  • Supports revenue share, paid and purchased content
  • Full editorial control and dynamic video insertion options

Smart content discovery, recommendation and monetization

  • Contextual, demographic and sentiment matching
  • Static and dynamic playlist options
  • Flexible player configuration / placement
  • Automated ad tag management

Content Marketers

Distribute branded video content and extend distribution reach while keeping full control over pricing and audience parameters

Brands define budget, audience, rules and permissions with complete transparency

Publishers select what branded content to place directly into their video playlists

  • Full editorial control
  • Content transparency
  • Pre-defined CPMs based on actual audience demographics

Distribute And Monetize Content Across Any Channel

Vemba Desktop


Vemba Mobile


Vemba OTT


Deep Analytics Features

Vemba Monetization


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Vemba Audience Analytics

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