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Vemba is a next generation video distribution and content discovery platform for premium publishers

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The Vemba Platform

A Single Platform to Distribute, Discover and Monetize Video Content

For Video Producers

Video Producers

Scale Your Video Distribution

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For Video Publishers

Video Publishers

Increase Engagement with Premium Video Content

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Video Producers

Intelligently Scale Your Video Distribution

Extend Your Audience

Easily manage content distribution in a single dashboard

Create and manage your own direct publisher networks, manage social distribution or distribute your content to Vemba's premium publishing partners

Extend Your Audience with Vemba

Directly Manage Player Rules

Vemba is integrated into the leading OVP's

The Vemba Platform is player agnostic. Use your own player or your partner's player without giving up reporting, attribution or viewability metrics


Control Monetization Rights

Control content pricing and monetization rights

Use your direct sales or demand sources, or leverage the sales capabilities of your publisher network

Control Monetization Rights

Capture Real-Time Video Analytics

Optimize distribution with a 360° view of your video business

Across any player or ad source, access monetization, site usage, video performance or audience statistics

Real-Time Video Analytics

Video Publishers

Increase Engagement With Premium Video Content

Access Vemba's premium video marketplace

World's leading media brands

Extensive library covering all major topics and categories

Thousands of new videos daily

Monetized and unmonetized video options

Content Discovery

Designed Specifically For Editorial Teams

Intuitive Searching
Article-Based Matching
Editorial Recommendations
Contextual Playlisting
Dynamic Playlist
Editorially Approved Personalization
CMS Integration
Leading CMS

Simplified Workflow

Vemba works seamlessly with The Leading OVP's, CMS Platforms, Demand Partners and Viewability Authorities

OVP Integrations

Vemba - Smart Video Exchange Vemba - JWPlayer Vemba - Ooyala Vemba - Brightcove Vemba - Custom Integrations Vemba - The Platform blank Vemba - Joomla Vemba - Wordpress Vemba - Drupal

CMS Compatability

Demand Partners

Vemba - SpotX Vemba - Pulse Vemba - Turn blank Vemba - Yume Vemba - Openx Vemba - Moat Vemba - Comscore Vemba - IAB

Viewability Authorities